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My name is Javier Martin. As craftsman of the wood I try to obtain with this raw material(commodity) the maximum of his(her,your) aesthetic and functional possibilities ... and it causes his(her) great satisfaction.

I am employed professionally at my workshop (Taxus) at the field of the northwest of Galicia, where I store and dry naturally my wood, and where also I expose and commercialize my works.
I can give courses(years) of turned: to the axis(axle), to the air, eccentric, ornamental, natural edge, finished, sharp(long) ..., and I combine it with technologies(skills) of dyeing, burned, texturizado and carved, inserting sometimes other materials.

I use preferéntemente the autochthonous, both dry and green wood, but I use other types of wood according to orders(requests). Specially interesting it is the amazed wood, with fungi, which allow to create visually very attractive pieces.

The finished ones carry out with suitable oils for food use, of ecological type, in useful of kitchen(cuisine), or in a bottom(fund) of glaze to the water or of type nitrocelulósico, with encáusticos of natural waxes of bee and carnauba as final caps, in decorative pieces.
You can find me regularly in in the forum of the Iberian association of torner@s artesan@s of wood, aitam. I hope that my work pleases you, of that in addition podeís to see a few samples in a series of videoes.

Desde el 17 de Noviembre al 2 de diciembre 2018 se celebra una exposición de artesanía, de 4 talleres ( Viola, Plata nativa , Fiada y Taxus) en el Edificio Liceo de Betanzos ( A Coruña).

Descriptive videoes of the works realized with some examples of the work that I realize in my workshop
Taller Taxus - Vilamateo, Liñares, 27 - 15638 Vilarmaior, A Coruña
Tel: 981 781927 - Email:
Carta de artesano n°2501, Xunta de Galicia n°468 Rexistro Xeral de Artesanía de Galicia
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